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WFH is nothing new for IT people and especially for developers, we've been doing this as long as we can recall and to some point it's our dream way of working. As exciting as WFH sounds, it can overwhelm you and in this quarantine it can tire you up.

If you want to make the best of your time, there are some rules to that, I know you are pro of isolation but believe me on this one.. :D

1- Keep your WFH studio designated.
2- Complete your WFH setup, have your system, screens, accessories, test devices and any other thing you may need.
3- Keep some plant near you. (Please do that) It makes sure of fresh oxygen and help your strained eyes from all those dark-modes.
4- Keep a bottle of water near you, it's important to stay hydrated.
5- Now that your setup is complete, take pictures of your setup and don't forget to post it on social media cause I know everyone's gonna laaave it.
6- Take breaks. Short and more.
7- Take your dog out for a walk.
8- Don't apologize if your pet jumps into your video conference, everyone needs that.
9- Keep your working hours limited, I know your gonna get the lead to that error you've been stuck on whole day at time of leaving but you gotta drop it till tomorrow, leave the work at designated time. If you're gonna work long hours in start you're gonna be so sick of this WFH shortly.
10- Give time to your family.
11- On the topic of family, as important as it is to spend time with them it's also important you keep them away during working hours to keep your concentration.
12- If you want to spice up your daily video calls, add snap camera and apply some cool filters.

And that's a wrap. If I missed any points that you find helpful in your WFH please comment below.

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