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Translate PDF to Text & Text to Audio

The intent is to have a personal Translator program that translates PDF document into a langugae of your choice and then converts it into Audio


  1. Any local file in PDF format can be picked up and converted. into a language of your choice.
  2. Use (tkinter) filedialog library to pick up a PDF file.
  3. Use googletrans library to extract and translate.
  4. Use pyttsx3 library for playing translated text.


  1. Ability to load a file in PDF format.
  2. Parse the file and extract content.
  3. Translate the file into the language of your choice.
  4. Play the translated text.


English to Japanese Translation:
translatorwithPDF-Japanese to English

Japanese to English Translation:
translatorwithPDF-Japanese to English

Project in progress, Next Steps : Add pause and clear button

Code Repo : Github

Call for Collab : Interested ? reach me on Twitter

Note:Thanks to Nubelson Fernandes for title photo via@unsplash 🎁

Reach me on my Twitter

Other item to look into:

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