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More Stuffs About React Native

This is an extension to my previous blog on Getting to know about React Native. In this article, I am going to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of react-native. This is going to be my experience in React Native and the information I gathered.


As I belong to Reactjs background I find it very easy to write a React Native code. The only difference I have seen as a beginner in react native is the HTML tags. As we are freely using HTML elements in Reactjs in jsx format. As far as I know, we are not allowed to do that in React Native. It imports different packages for different purposes. But as we are using basically the same language as we have been using in web development, it is quite advantageous. Other the rendering HTML elements everything else is the same starting from basic state management to using high-level state management techniques such as Redux.


According to the people who are already doing React Native it occasionally crashes during development for some unknown reason which makes it a little bit hard to debut. It has also some performance issues. The shortcomings that I faced during development in React Native is it usually requires different components for android and ios. And the design looks different so we generally have to change the code according to ios and android requirements. In short, the is relatively lots of extra stuff to do in React Native than any other framework.

For job purposes

I would prefer learning to React Native if you are applying for jobs recently as React Native is being used in many companies and there is a high possibility of getting React Naive jobs then newly developed framework such as Flutter.

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