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How you can effortlessly improve your pseudo-coding in 2 minutes!

Flashy title, I know.
Before revealing this secret, let's do a quick recap on what a function is.

A function is a piece of code that runs whenever you want it to run without writing the whole code from scratch. You write it once(very unlikely), you save it and then call it when it's needed.

More complex functions take in parameters to operate and solve a particular problem.

Cool, now that you know what a function is, let's go through this scenario:

It's Tuesday morning and you just woke up.

My disappointment is immeasurable and my day is ruined meme
Whilst heading towards your local independent coffee shop, you see that you received a letter. What could it be?!
It's a bill of course, because who writes letters nowadays? Your grandma stopped writing when you installed Facebook on her phone so that's that.
That bill is overdue and it's way more than you can afford to pay right now.
You have two options: Cry and tweet about it OR think about solutions.

There's one obvious choice here.

One does not stop tweeting meme after you wiped your tears and deleted that backfiring tweet, you remember that the "bill people" are reasonable enough to let you pay it in installments.
You also remember that you have a relative that needs a website and you know for a fact that that's the best way to do business. With friends and relatives.

You call the "bill people" and arrange something that works for you.
Things seem to have worked out. Now the only things needed are you to work on that website and respect the bill arrangement.

Problem solved.

How is this relevant?

Well let's break it down really quick:

Problem appears

  • Cry, tweet and regret
  • Looking for tools to solve the problem
  • Finding a way to earn money
  • Negotiating an arrangement
  • Build the website
  • Pay the bill

Problem disappears

No problem meme

This my friend, is a real life function and ta-daaaa, you're doing pseudo-coding in real life.

When it comes to coding, people seem to dive head-first into the deep end. That unfailingly triggers the impostor syndrome making you feel that you know nothing about coding.
Syntax is very important but syntax is out there on google.
You have everything you need inside your head.
Write or at least think about a plan on how to approach your coding problem and only after you're satisfied with it, ONLY THEN you should start writing code.

Pro tip: after your pseudo-code, write down what kind of syntax would you need to look for. You have a list of items that is probably an array? Well you could look for array methods that could help you and so on.

Happy coding and remember that pseudo-coding is not something you have to learn. It's something you do on a day-to-day basis.

You just call it overthinking. :D

Happy coding and spread love.

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