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Swyx Interview on Daily Dev Tips

I was interviewed by Chris Bongers on Daily Dev Tips, here are some extracts.

What tips would you give someone interested to switch to tech?

  • It takes time, but it's a long term investment. The tech industry is one of those industries where we will always have a job.
  • You must never stop learning and improving yourself. The tech industry shifts rapidly so you need to keep up with the latest technology.
  • Market yourself in every possible way. Start writing, live streaming, being an active contributor, and promote yourself.

You're a big advocate for writing in public. Why is that?

  • It makes you understand the subject better.
  • It's a way of organizing learning while people also point out your mistakes.
  • When you are writing in public, keep your ego small. If you are genuinely learning, people will want to help and then follow your journey.

You can read the interview in full here!

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Chris Bongers

Thanks for doing the interview, it was a truly inspiring talk and it opened my eyes to a different way of thinking about job roles and learning in public.