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Tech Jargon: Demystified

If you're like me and are deep into the latest tech trends, you might have heard or read about all the new and confusing jargon that most people don't know about or are confused about what it means. Don't worry. I'll explain all the tech-related slang in a funny and bite-sized manner, starting from the simpler ones.


A cloud is a collection of computers connected together that host different services so that you can use your computer to connect to those computers and use those services. Some clouds allow you to store your documents or photos. We call them clouds because they are located in other countries or sometimes across the globe.
Cloud computing


I asked one of my seniors at my school, what are containers? And why is everyone using them? He pulled up an image of a food container on his computer and showed it to me. I was puzzled and thought he was having fun with me. I again asked, what is a docker container? He again showed me the same image and said, instead of the food, you put your code in here and use it wherever you want. I was like Hmmmm, sounds cool.
Cool cool cool

3.EaaS: Everything as a Service:

In our modern-day, everything is available as a service. And honestly speaking, I'm having mixed feelings about everything in my life being available as-a-service to me. It has its pros and cons equally. For example, I want to arrive at work in a new car but don't have one. I can use a car-as-a-service(Uber, Lyft). The same goes for PaaS and SaaS offerings, available from tech companies

4.Container Orchestrator:

Managing a single container is easy managing multiple containers? That's where the fun begins. You don't handle them we use container orchestration software that handles all of our containers namely Kubernetes or Docker-swarm. We just tell them how and when to handle it and then kick back and relax.
Manage containers

Hope you find this informative and funny and have fun while reading this as much as I had writing it. Comment other techy jargon that I should explain next.

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