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Discussion on: Introduction to PHP 7.4 Preload

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SyntaxSeed (Sherri W)

I'm also quite curious about how this will be used in practice.

Do you have to reload php to clear the opcache? Can you just give it a directive to re-cache a file if it was modified? If the original file was moved, does the cache still apply? If the original was changed is the cache now inaccurate?

I also wonder if this will benefit some of PHP core libraries that are written in PHP... or just userland stuff?

Looking forward to more info coming out.

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Andrew Davis Author

You will have to restart PHP to update the files that were preloaded (another reason why it will not be used in dev). I'm sure there will be plenty of benchmarks when 7.4 is released. However, it's going to take some time for the big frameworks to enable compatibility.