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Rest Assured E2E Testing - Part 1

API Testing Process Using REST Assured

APIs enable risk-free legacy modernization and drive businesses toward digital transformation. APIs must be precisely optimised to meet a specific business request in a specific context. API testing is the key to success in ensuring a robust API. API testing can be done manually using POSTMAN tools or automatically using Rest Assured dependency code. We'll talk about API testing with REST Assured in this section.

What is REST Assured?

Rest Assured is a Java-based library for testing RESTful Web Services. The fact that this is a Java-based library of course does not matter because REST Assured is based only on JSON and HTTP . These are language-independent, we can use REST Assured to create tests for applications written in any language. To access REST web services, this library acts as a headless client. In just one line, we can create a complex HTTP request.
REST Assured also provides us with a lot of validations to our requests, such as for example Status Code, Status Response, Headers, or even Body response. This means that the library is really flexible when it comes to testing.

Advantages of Rest Assured

  1. Open source, and hence, it is free of any license cost
  2. Based on Java
  3. Offers support for all kinds of HTTP methods like POST, GET, PUT, DELETE, OPTIONS, PATCH and HEAD
  4. Supports both path and query parameters
  5. Supports the BDD/Gherkin style of writing, which supports clean coding & enhances readability
  6. Enables easy integration with classic testing & reporting frameworks such as TestNG, JUnit runner and Allure Report
  7. One can test an application written in any language like Java, .Net, Python, Ruby, etc.
  8. JSON schema validation can be performed
  9. Makes it easy to test and validate REST services in the Java domain which is usually tough
  10. Now let us look at how we an perform API testing with the help of REST Assured.

Disadvantages of Rest assured

  1. Requires knowledge of the Java programming language.
  2. Does not support SOAP APIs explicitly.

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