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Ryland G Ask Me Anything • Edited

Pretty tough choice.

The easy part of the answer is my opinion on Google cloud. I think it’s a really decent offering and the support for the actual cloud service is top notch. In fact, snapchat basically made a 2 billion dollar deal with google cloud just for the support. They did this because Google SREs(sort of like dev ops) are full fledged Google engineers. They aren’t contract employees or part timers, they are as qualified as anyone else working at Google.

Now here’s the thing. Unless cost of wpengine is an issue, I think they already run on top of Google cloud or AWS. The only change would be the support. And since it seems like wpengine makes you happy in that area, I would just stick with them.

Hope I helped!

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Andrew W.

Thanks yes that's pretty much what I thought. Thanks for clearing that up for me.