What gets you out of bed in the morning?

Ryland G on June 07, 2019

Some days, getting myself out of bed and started with the day is a challenge. Sometimes I'm stressed about work and getting out of bed signals a st... [Read Full]
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Rarely. I'm the first on site, I open the place

This is me all over. Every morning I'm like, "better hurry up or i'll be late" and then arrive an hour before I start work.

Worry a little less then :)

I can't. Else, I'd sleep through my alarm.

I just think most people who aren't late and worry don't realize how little being late actually matters.


My cat, honestly. She depends on me for love, life, and affection, and I can't give up or else she might be sad enough to die, we're very bonded.

What happens when she eventually goes? I have no idea.


You could get another pet but something that will definitely outlive you. Have you considered a giant tortoise? Maybe an elephant or parrot?


How do you or do you practice gratitude daily?


Hi fellow Ry.

That's a great question. I can answer here, but I think it's such a great question that you should post it as a standalone topic (I'll comment on that if you do). If not, I'll respond directly.


The need to pay bills and complete my university work! I'd love to spend all day in bed everyday watching Netflix if I could.

If there's some form of pressing obligation then getting out of bed for me, even if I'm tired, is easy. But getting out of bed on the weekend? It's definitely a struggle!


The knowledge that my three Chihuahuas have small bladders.


That's knowledge that probably had a high price to learn.


My puppy is absolutely great about going to the bathroom, but our 15 year old isn't as reliable. Don't get confused, her bladder is just as good as it was, she's just spiteful now. She'll make herself take a shit right in front of me, just because I didn't do what she wanted.

I have carpet....

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