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Whats your's set of software used in you daily routine?

taimoorsattar7 profile image Taimoor Sattar ・1 min read

In daily routine, there are lot of software I used to interact with. I prefer Grammarly for writing, Vs studio code for writing code, affinity designer for designing stuff, gitbook for documentation.

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Mike Lockhart

I used to live in Emacs, especially on Linux. It's not so stable on macOS, and VS-Code is a viable replacement for 90% of things.

My web browser is Firefox. We understand each other, and it doesn't do strange things with its UI.

I use Slack because that's what my team use. It's the nicest IM Chat I've used, though I would prefer IRC, it's simpler

iTerm2 and screen (or tmux if I'm lucky) to talk to servers. Bash is my shell, because it's everywhere, though fish/zsh/ipython are much nicer, when I can get them.

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Richard Lewis

I'm a Developer Advocate so my daily tools might vary from the normal user.

Edit: Forgot VS Code :-)