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Tell me your job hunting jokes and funny stories

I was contacted by one of a head hunter, his name is John, via LinkedIn one day.

Since my pay wasn't so good (I was a bootcamp grad with no working experience as a dev), I was looking for a job with better pay.

I chatted with John on the phone and he had promised me to introduce some good positions he had at that time. Just after the first chat, my phone rung. That was John.

John: Hi, hello sir. I found a nice position for you. You might like it.

Me: Thank you!! What's the name of the company?

John: It's called, they're building a financial web service. You might know the name.

Me: I know the company. They are building an accounting system. Thanks for that, but I don't like accounting.

John: Oh, is it? OK. I will find another opportunity for you.

Me: Thanks for that.

John: See you.

Me: See you.

I just got back to work. Few hours later. I got another phone call. John again.

John: Hello sir! I found a good opportunity for you again.

Me: (So quick!!) Would you tell me the position?

John: Sure!! Their name is They are building a financial web service. You'll like it.

This is a real story, not jokes, yes it's real......

(All the names are fake!!)

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