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Cat Dog Race

CodePen Challenge Cats and Dogs


This game is not based on your speed in pressing keys or button, neither tapping anywhere. This game is based on your luck. Every time you tap the screen, you and the computer moves. The computer has more step than the player if they got lucky, so good luck with that.

I'm studying more about creating a pixel art characters. This time, I didn't put any shading on the objects, and characters and objects.

This is another simple and boring game, just to practice my skills how to think of an algorithm, and specifications for a game. This practice also applies in my way of thinking in software development.


  1. Tap the screen to make your character move.
  2. Moving your character will also move your opponent.
  3. The first character who reaches the end line will win the game.


Images are created with Aseprite. The animation of GIF is also done there.

I created Javascript functionality using ReactJS.

Known issues

  1. I only tested with Safari, but a pixel of neighbor sprite is also rendered on the image.

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