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Takane Ichinose
Takane Ichinose

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CSS only: 3D Animated Home Icon Concept

Lately, I've been interested in making a webside having an overkill icons and animations. Maybe, because I read an article about designing with brutalism.

Maybe, if I got a chance to make a design of website, I would like to try the concept of brutalism. Although I want to minimise it a little. Also, an overkill animation, that will actually make the website pleasant, and not annoying.

I haven't used any Javascript codes to make the animation, though, there is a certain library that I want to learn.

This is just a simple concept of 'Home Icon' (It will animate when hovered), for a 3D-based user interface, and then, there will be a left or right icon that will go to other navigation, like 'About', 'Contact Me', etc. So maybe, it's good for menu item.

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