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Takane Ichinose
Takane Ichinose

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Menu Layout: Brutalist and Skewmorphism

CodePenChallenge Menu Layout (Brutalist and Skewmorphism inspired)

This is a design of a menu inspired by brutalist design, which having a chaotic design, transformation of elements, and absurd choice of color, and skewmorphism having 3D'ish, and glassmorphic design.

I cheated a little by touching few of the HTML codes, so that I could make the design well based on my idea. I used the image as the background image.

This design works well with Google Chrome, because of the backdrop-filter CSS attribute which only works with Chrome (Based on my test. I used Google Chrome, Safari, and Firefox so far)


Sigmar One


Alfa Slab One

Viaoda Libre

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