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Turret Shooting Game

Simple Description:

Shoot all the zombies! (They might stop spawning)

This is a shooting game with a non-moving turret character.

Just prevent the zombies to come near you. You'll lose your life point.


The zombies are getting hungry, and they even want to eat the brain inside of the turret (seriously? wt*?). This turret have a great brain, because he is an artificial intelligence (Supposed to be, but he's being controlled by you).

It will take 3 zombies for them to annihilate Turry's enormous brain.

But unfortunately, because he is a turret, he can't move at all. But at least, he can rotate and blast a fire (Oh that might burn the zombies).

The number of zombies are increasing when they spawn, though, there is a maximum value of spawn. Their spawn location is random, so beware of surprise attack! He might spawn just behind you.

Press 'left' key to turn anti-clockwise
Press 'right' key to turn clockwise
Press 'space' key to fire

All of the assets here are made by me, and I used either "CSS art" or "CSS 'box-shadow' art" to produce all of them.

I used ReactJS to do the logic/algorithm of the game.

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