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Discussion on: My love-hate relationship with JavaScript

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Aitor Rosell Torralba

I personally love the quirks of javascript as they are a part of what makes it so flexible, and i think typescript lets you avoid the more common pitfalls of javascript.

By the way, why in the world would you need to migrate a thing from angular to react? as far as i am aware, they are as modern as each other, angular being even more feature complete (although i could see some people seeing that as bloat).

I can understand using one over the other for some projects, but i do not see the point to migrate a project from one to the other for any sensible reason, even if react may be better for the project, it is not going to be a massive difference, enough to choose it at the start but not a reason to migrate from one to the other.

I know i am kind of necroposting but could you expand on what reasons may justify the migration of angular to react? I do not believe for you to have done it without reason as i see you are very knowledgeable but I, from my inexperienced perspective, cannot even start to imagine such a reason so it would be enlightening and i believe would widen my perspective to learn of a reason for something I see no reason, please.

Note: I am not trying to be sarcastic, condescending or insulting, i am truly curious and i really want to know the reason, I think what I wrote may be read as sarcastic but it is not, i just can not find a better way to express myself on English, i assure my intentions come purely from curiosity and a desire to learn something i do not understand the reason of.

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Deepu K Sasidharan Author

No worries, it doesn't sound sarcastic at all. First let me say you are absolutely right, Angular, React and Vue are equally capable and there is absolutely no valid reason to migrate from one to another in a production application. I have worked with all 3 (I did the original Angular and React implementation for JHipster) and the migration I did was mostly for the purpose of adding React support on JHipster. I migrated a PoC app from Angular to React to see if there is any performance improvement (remember this was during initial days of Angular2 and indeed React was faster then) and later used to that to add React support in JHipster. And that app was maintained only by me so this was ok. So yes I don't see any valid reason to do such a thing now a days. The only other time I have seen someone doing that is when they wanted all the applications in the company to use same framework and share reusable components, again this is more of we have money so we can do whatever situation and not a valid one IMO