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Top 7 Resources to Learn SQL

So, you want to go on the path of SQL?

But don't know where to start?

Well, look no further.

I've compiled a list of the best SQL resources I could find on the internet.

PS. If I miss anything, feel free to comment about it in the comments.

SQL Bolt

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This is the platform I used when I first started learning about SQL. It's basically a bunch of interactive lessons that teach you the basics of SQL. I would highly recommend this to beginners, or to someone wishing to freshen up their knowledge.


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SQL Zoo is a collection of tests that push your SQL knowledge to the limits. I've done this right after SQL Bolt and it helped immensely. The challenges range from easy ones that you can solve in a couple of seconds to hard ones where your brains are pushed to it's limits.

Use the Index Luke

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After you get the basics of SQL down, you might want to check out "Use the Index, Luke!". It's a site that teaches you about writing efficient SQL code.

PostgreSQL Exercises

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PostgreSQL is one of the world's most popular database management systems. With that in mind, this platform has a bunch of exercises to test your SQL and PostgreSQL knowledge.

Khan Academy

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I've used Khan Academy for all sorts of subjects and they never disappoint. This course offered by them covers the basics of SQL to more advanced topics such as JOINS, etc...


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If your more of a visual learner, I would recommend checking out Udacity "Into to Relational Databases". It covers beginner and intermediate topics. Along with the videos, it also included coding exercises. Heck, you might even continue on and take their nanodegree.

SQL for Web Nerds

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This is more of an advanced course, it teaches you the gritty details of SQL. It was developed by MIT Professor Philip Greenspun. The site isn't flashy, but it offers expert-level content.


I hope you found some of the resources useful, and have begun your SQL journey.

Thanks for reading!

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Bobby Iliev

I could also suggest this open-source eBook here too:

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The guide is suitable for anyone working as a developer, system administrator, or a DevOps engineer and wants to learn the basics of SQL.

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Alan Alickovic

Great list, thanks for sharing!

Dataguide from Prisma is also a great resource to learn about databases:

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Thank you for sharing.
SelectStarSql and Mode are also great resources to learn SQL.