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Nevertheless, Tammy Lee Coded

I continued to code in 2019 because...

I am nearly recovered from burnout and I have rediscovered the joy of coding!

This is a great time to stretch outside of your comfort zone and tackle something new! There are so many interesting things going on with web development right now and there is a tonne of courses you can take to expand your knowledge. Even WordPress has a tonne of new stuff to learn about with their REST API and new React-based Gutenberg content blocks! Maybe now is the time to read up on JAMstack and make a small project using it. Or maybe create an AWS-based Serverless app? Try making an API and coding it with Python!

There are so many things to try and it's a great time to be a developer!

I deserve credit for...

Sticking with development despite recovering from burnout. It would've been so easy to quit and do something else but I knew in my heart of hearts that I love coding too much to leave. I switched jobs, sought help and did research, and now I am much happier with where I am and where I am headed!

I hope to see my developer community...

Start being more open about things that we've traditionally kept secret. Mental health, wages, the things we struggle with, and things we are proud of!

So many devs build great things but we never hear from them our about them because they are hidden away in companies and they don't feel they have anything to contribute to the greater developer community. I'd like this to change but to do that we need online spaces where psychological safety is guaranteed.

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