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Importance of online presence - new journey on DEV

In this era of pandemic, where the world is changing at the pace of a fire in the woods, online presence is the only way we can stay socially involved and up to date.

My name is Tanvi Jain, I am a graduate student in Computer Science. Being a student in technical field, I have always tried to stay as much socially involved and technically updated as possible. But in the midst of my undergrad studies, the world was hit by our new resident "COVID-19", which changed the way I looked my social presence drastically.
I realized that now as we are working from home as employees or studying from home through online classes, our social interaction has decreased by enormous amount and the only way I can stay alive in this large sea of competition and daily technological advancements is only by being online present even more than ever.

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I know we have dozen of social media accounts and profiles, but are we really interacting? How many of us really sit down and spend sometime in writing down our thoughts and communicating it out to the people? I bet not all of us. We just read a post or an article and create a thought bubble and slide down to the next post or atmost like or leave a short comment.

I realized that it does not take a lot to write down your thought process and share it with the people you are connected to,we get feedbacks and many people with same thought process connect back which starts a new connection based on just a small common idea. And this connection is what will keep us socially interactive in the upcoming era.

Though we all wish to get back to the same social interaction that we had pre-pandemic, but guess what we always have a solution! This is the reason why I joined Dev to be evenmore socially active by increasing my online presence and interacting with people around the world and I hope it will work well for me.

So lastly I just want to start my journey with this first article and I am looking forward to connect to as many people as possible, I would love as many replies,feedbacks and reactions from all of you and would love to connect back with you.

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