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Top Competitive Programming Sites You Should Know in 2022 🔥🔥🔥

HackerRank - Solve code challenges to prepare for programming interviews.

HackerEarth - Solve code challenges to help companies find innovative solutions for their businesses.

CodeChef - Non-profit competitive programming platform.

Topcoder - Participate in code challenges and help solve real world problems.

CodeForces - Website dedicated to competitive programming.

ProjectEuler - Solve computational and mathematical problems using your programming skills.

Spoj - Programming contests with online judging system.

InterviewBit - A platform to learn and practice coding interview questions.

VisuAlgo - Visualizing data structures and algorithms through animation.

LeetCode - Develop programming skills for your next interview.

FireCode - An online coding interview preparation.

Codewars - Code challenges platform to level up your skills.

CodinGame - Learn to code by playing games.

CodeForces - Online platform that hosts competitions and problem sets.

DailyProgrammer - Solutions to programming challenges, peer reviewed with community feedback.

CodeFights - Practice programming and land a job.

Online Judge - Programming contests with online judging system.

Stanford ACM ICPC - Stanford Notebook provides printable templates usable during online/on-site contests.

Exercism - Solve programming challenges from your terminal.

DailyCodingProblem - Get exceptionally good at coding
interviews by solving one problem every day.

Geeks for Geeks - Developed by developers for developers, Geeks for Geeks offers coding content for programmers of all skill levels

Timus Online Judge - Programming contests with online judging system.

DMOJ - Modern Online Judge - contest platform and archive of programming problems.

Coderbyte - Programming challenges and specific routes to help learn specific skills.

Code Golf - Code Golf is a game designed to let you show off your code-fu by solving problems in the least number of characters.

Daily Coding Problem - Get emailed a new coding problem every day.

Halite - Create AI to face off against other people’s AI. More specialized on AI.

Advent of Code - A yearly set of coding challenges that published with leaderboards.

I have updated the list with Actual website link and some info.

Thanks to these references. Hope you guys will Follow to get more exciting updates. Will see you in next post !!


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Miguel Ángel Durán 👨‍💻

Hey Tanvir,

you might want to add AdventJS.

  • ➡️
  • JavaScript/TypeScript challenges
  • Available in English 🇬🇧 & Spanish 🇪🇸
  • Editor and tests in the same platform
  • Completely 🆓
  • With score and ranking as well.

AdventJS Code editor

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Lal Sahab Yadav

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