Nevertheless, 🌟t powell 🌟 Coded

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I began coding because...

I realised the possibilities with technology are endless. I didn't want to just use technology and rely on others to make it, I wanted to be at the forefront and make it myself and make a difference to those around me.

I'm the captain of my destiny and coding is helping me make my dreams a reality.

I'm currently hacking on...

An amazing project called Draw My Life. We are providing a set of tools for field workers, the humanitarian community, and the public to understand, visualise and share the experience of refugee children.

I'm also working on a personal project to help further enrich the lives of Black British people, but it's a secret at the moment 😜

I'm excited about...

Virtual and Augmented reality, especially when used to create educational tools.

Imagine how exciting school would have been for all of us if we had the opportunity to emerge ourselves into what we are learning? Rather than listening to someone telling you about the human body, you can put on some kit and "be inside" a body and see first hand what is happening. It's fascinating.

My advice for other women who code is...

Never forget we are making world changes, so scream it out loud that you are making a difference and are unashamedly coders.

Our time for sitting quietly in the corner whilst others are visible is over. Be proud that you code and remember we truly are rockstars 🤘🏾


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