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VSCode Data Preview 🈸 πŸ’Ž for devs around the 🌐

My vscode Data Preview 🈸 extension just hit 24K installs & closing in on 140K downloads in VS marketplace, beating Azure data crew tools & taking that #1 spot :)

Data Preview Info

Share it with your devs & take it for a spin!

πŸ‘€ this intro post:

& most recent update on that versatile data tool for vscode devs:

Supported Text & Binary Data Formats ;)

Note: .json .config & .yml configuration files that don't contain array data are converted to flat properties key/value pairs Object and displayed in a Property Grid Data View mode. See json.utils.ts for more info.

See Data Manager API & src/data.providers folder for data loading and saving imlementation details.

Provided Chart πŸ“Š Types

  • Area Chart
  • Bar Chart
  • Candlesick Chart (d3fc only))
  • Heatmap
  • Line Chart
  • OHLC Chart (d3fc only)
  • Scatter Chart
  • Sunburst
  • Tree Map

Data Preview Chart Types

Supported Filter Functions

  • <, <=, ==, !=, >, >= for dates and number columns/fields
  • ==, !=, contains, in, not in, begins with, ends with for string fields and dictionaries
  • &, |, and, or, ==, != for bolean fields

Supported Aggregate Functions

  • any
  • avg
  • count
  • distinct count
  • dominant
  • first by index
  • last by index
  • last
  • high
  • low
  • mean
  • mean by count
  • median
  • pct sum parent
  • pct sum grand total
  • sum
  • sum abs
  • sum not null
  • unique

Recommended VSCode Extensions

Other extensions Data Preview 🈸 replaces, enhances or supplements for working with supported data file formats in VSCode:

Extension Description
Excel Viewer View Excel spreadsheets and CSV files
Avro Viewer .avro file viewer
avro-idl Avro IDL Syntax Highlighter
DotENV .env Syntax Highlighter
Ini for VSCode Provides outline view and section folding for INI files
Hjson Hjson language syntax support
JSON5 syntax Adds syntax highlighting of JSON5 files
NDJSON Colorizer Colorizes NDJSON (Newline Delimited JSON) files
YAML YAML Language Support by Red Hat, with built-in Kubernetes and Kedge syntax support
docs-yaml YAML schema validation and auto-completion for authoring
YAML to JSON Convert YAML from clipboard or current document/selection to JSON and vice versa
Properties To Yaml Convert properties to yaml
Markdown Table Prettifier Transforms markdown tables to be more readable

Dev Log

See #DataPreview 🈸 tag on Twitter for the latest and greatest updates on this vscode extension and what's in store next.

P.S.: more such tools here :)

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