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STEAM Camp at Hocking College

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This week we host STEAM camp at Hocking College. I am excited to share the world of augmented reality (AR) and digital marketing ( at least as much as possible in two hours😉).
Snapchat filters are built using free software called LensStudio. One of the nice things about diving into AR technologies is that, in my experience, the platforms are very similar across the different vendors and apps. There are three basic fundamental parts of building an AR experience:

  1. Objects
  2. Assets
  3. Materials

While varying platforms may use a different name — the similarities are evident once you’re aware of it. The layouts and UI for the platforms I’ve worked with (LensStudio, SparkAR, and Amazon Sumerian) are also very similar which aids a great deal in the learning curve of different platforms.
If you have any questions about AR technologies, digital marketing, or more, check us out at or text me at 740–645–0509.

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