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🚀 Taskade Updates: Calendar Drag & Drop, Search Filters, Browse Templates, and More!

Hi Taskaders  🎉

We've worked hard to make Taskade work better for you! Here's what's new:

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⚡️Calendar Drag & Drop

You can now drag and drop calendar items to change task deadlines and ranges across all your projects and workspaces. Learn more.

taskade calendar

taskade calendar

⚡️ Search Filters

Filter search results by projects, tasks, and comments. Find what you are looking for across all your projects, folders, and workspaces. Learn more.

taskade search

taskade search

⚡️ Browse Templates

Select the perfect template for your next project in the new project sidebar. Browse and search over 300 pre-made templates instantly. 

taskade templates

taskade templates

🎉 Other Improvements

  • Taskade for Desktop v4.2.2 Update: 
    • Screen sharing during video chat fixed
    • Open a new tab with CMD + Left-click (Mac)
    • General performance improvements and bug fixes
  • Taskade for Mobile v3.3.30 Update:
    • Fixed My Tasks and task dates being out of sync
    • Fixed due dates automatically and incorrectly adding time
    • Shared projects are now displayed for iPads and tablets
    • Bug fixes and performance improvements
  • New: Assignment menu for faster task and project assignment
  • New: Added options for timer & reactions to /slash command
  • Workspace admins can edit project settings regardless of project role
  • Improved My Tasks and Calendar display of tasks
  • Download Apps sidebar menu is now closeable
  • Bug fixes and performance improvements

| Thanks again for supporting Taskade, and as always, don't hesitate to reach out or visit our help center if you need help. We're here for you! 😊

--- Team Taskade 🐑

P.S. Want to help us improve Taskade? You can also suggest a feature. |

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