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The `import()` Syntax of ES2020 Looks Promising; How to Detect if Such Feature Available Then?

taufik_nurrohman profile image Taufik Nurrohman Updated on ・1 min read

With the plan, import() is proposed to work in both modules and scripts, giving script code an easy asynchronous entry point into the module world and allowing it to start running module code.

Can I check the existence of this feature as it was a function? And if that is possible, is it conform to the standard?

What I am thinking:

if ('function' === typeof import) {
    import('taufik-nurrohman/f3h.js').then(F3H => {
        let f3h = new F3H;
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Also, how do I expose module in the file to import, without causing syntax errors in the window environment?

// :|
if ('function' === typeof import) {
    export default F3H;
} else {
    window.F3H = F3H;
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