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Tauri 1.0 Release Candidate

We present the first release candidate of Tauri 1.0, and invite you to look at, comment upon, and try out the new features and security fixes that we are bringing to the table. After several RC iterations, we will release the stable version of 1.0.

Our Working Method

Over the past 8 months, we have been working together with the community (in public), and third party Security Auditors and Pentesters Radically Open Security (in private) to apply needed finish to Tauri Core. This includes not only usability features and fixing incomplete APIs, but also enhancing the overall security of the ecosystem and producing a number of official Tauri plugins.


Our current top priority for 1.0 is delivering a smooth process for not only setting up Tauri requirements on all development platforms, but also the creation of new Tauri projects. To acheive this we need to test it on as many platforms as possible, squash any bugs during a few RC versions, and enhance all of the documentation.


As developers ourselves, we want our tools to be ergonomic and easy to use without sacrificing on performance and security. One of the qualifying features that will enable us to release the stable 1.0 is a perfect tooling setup on all platforms without resorting to hacks or unsafe practices. We will be working on this over several iterations of the release candidates.


We know that building on Tauri has been a hit or miss experience for many of you, and much of this has to do with outdated documentation. At the same time, the matrix of possible installation platforms for developers makes a system that is in flux makes it really challenging to get right.

Security Features

The auditors made a number of findings, which we have resolved and which were accepted in the post-audit review of our fixes. We are now confident that Tauri core is safe, and that we have provided fixes and features that enable the production of industrial-grade secure applications. You may read the full audit report here:

Next Steps

Please remember, that a release candidate seeks to qualify the codebase for a stable release. We are certain that we have missed things and probably have bugs. The complications of our CI mean that we will probably fight with the release process a few times. You may discover problems with the installation process, and even have minor issues with consuming the JS libraries. We are counting on you to help us solve (or at least discover) these concerns so they can be resolved and move Tauri as quickly as feasible to a full release.

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yjdoc2 profile image

Hey, this is really a great project 😯😯
I wanted to ask will there be any major changes to API of tauri from RC to stable?
I'm asking cause as I saw, there aren't too many tutorials on using it, even the docs only show kind of basic set up and recipes, which is understandable, as you might be focusing first on making a stable releaseπŸ‘
So I'd like to write a tutorial on making a basic app, but don't want to use API that might change across RC and stable, so people can use it even after stable release.

Thanks a lot for making such amazing software and making it open source 😊