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A Concise Startup List for Your Next Project

After searching for a concise starter list for a new project of mine (below if you’re interested), I decided to put a quick one together for the skimmers like me.

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My app is in the travel space and the first few steps for me were to create a logo, brand & a landing page. (I already knew what I wanted to create, so these were the first steps of execution to feel a little established)

Basic Setup

Code Setup

  • Set up GitHub:
  • Create Cloud Account (I’m using Firebase [it’s easy], you can use AWS, Azure, etc.)
  • Set up Figma for all the designs
  • Fullstory for screen-capture-esque analytics (I personally really love this so far, way easier than Amplitude, which is what I’ve used in the past)

Logo & Branding

  • Logo: paid a friend who designs logos (we did 3 drafts + final deliverables)
  • Branding colours: I asked 20-odd friends a simple question related to the brand (i.e. When you think of stress free travel, what 2–3 colours come to mind?) & picked 2 of the top complementing colors

Landing Page (Waitlist)

I will be posting another article with the scaffolding of my landing page

  • Frontend: Vue3 + Tailwind (Any framework works)
  • Backend: Firebase Functions + MailchimpAPI for email campaigns (stick to using this one, none of the other packages have worked for me, so I made a simple call to the Mailchimp endpoints as mentioned in the docs)
  • Waitlist: WaitlistAPI / alternative Firestore methods (I created a Firestore collection & added each user’s information as a document, I use a referral email field to see who to give access to first)

A little about my app — Tern:

Managing & organizing travel plans is very hard, especially when traveling in a group. Tern is a chatbot that can help make group decisions on AirBnB’s/hotels just by adding it to your group chats (via a phone number):

  • It will consolidate all AirBnB/hotel options mentioned in the group chat (you can ask Tern for all the options by texting ‘tern show options’ in the group chat)
  • It will nudge people to like/comment on AirBnB’s
  • It will notify the group if an AirBnB/hotel has been booked & is no more an option to pick from
  • On the Tern web app, there will be a ‘focus mode’ to gamify sorting through all the options
  • It will do all this and much more, just through texting :)

Easy, efficient, your ‘Type A’ friend of the group!

PS: If anyone wants to talk about Tern or anything else, please feel free to DM me on LinkedIn or Twitter, or email me at

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