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Playing with NCurses Cursor (Part 2)

Hey there, if you haven't read Part-1 of this series, I would suggest you read it first.

In ncurses, a screen is described by x, y coordinated graph in the ncurses, and by default cursor is at (0, 0) or the top left corner.

To move cursor you should use move(int y, int x); function declared in ncurses.

For example → print hello world at y = 10, x = 20

move(10, 20);
printw("Hello World!!");
refresh(); // you should do this frequently, to flush changes from memory to screen
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The operation of move and printw is combined in one function is mvprintw

mvprintw(10, 20, "Hello World!");
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Note: To clear screen you must use clear() function followed by refresh().

#include <ncurses.h>
using namespace std;

int main (int argc, char ** argv)

    // moving cursor, x = 20, y = 10
    move(10, 20);

    printw("I am here...");

    move(21, 10);
    printw("Now i am here");

    return 0;
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