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Thomas C. Haflich
Thomas C. Haflich

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What is software to you? Day job, passion, hobby, career, something else?

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We all came to software from different places, and we're all going somewhere different, so I figure we all see it differently as well.

Tell me about how you relate to the field in general, if you would?

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Thomas C. Haflich

For me personally, it's a job that I really enjoy. I am hoping to make a lifelong career of it, but it's not the only thing in my life; I need some time in the day to focus on other things, like my art (I recently rented a garage that I'm working on turning into a studio for the projects that won't fit into my apartment).

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Dana Ottaviani

It's my career, but also something I'm trying to work on more as a passion of mine too. In my first full-time position, I struggled to code in my free time. Now looking for a new job, I've worked on projects for my portfolio that interest me. I'm hoping to keep this up when I land a new job.

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Stuart Clennett

It's a career for me (3 decades and counting) but I also love it. Even in my 50th year I still get the buzz when my code works first time ;) It's far from the only thing in my life; weightlifting, horse riding, mountain biking and photography are my other passions.

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Peter Timoshevsky

All of the above. When I'm not coding, I think about programming. It's an obsession.

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