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Lab 2 - 6502 Assembly Language

In this blog, I am going to show some basic 6502 Assembly code examples and how do they work. It will shows how you can draw a green line across the top of the bitmap screen and a blue line across the bottom of the page. Moreover, I am also going to show you how to draw a yellow line down the left side of the screen and a purple line down the right side. Let's get started!

Bitmap Code

Bitmap Code This code will make the whole page become yellow by increasing the index, which helps to indicate the location of the page and make that bit yellow. In order to make a green line across the top and a blue line across the bottom of the page, I need to make some changes in the code. Blue Green In order to make this, I have to indicate where the top green line will start and at the end of the page, I will change the color to blue. And there are also two yellow and purple line down the left and right respectively. Right Left

Overall, this is the first time I have touched Assembly Language, compared to other languages such as Javascript, C++, everything is totally new to me. 6502 Assembly Language is basically about bits and bytes, the commands of this is a bit difficult to me personally since it is hard to remember the order of the command. However, I will try my best to remember them, so I do not have to switch to another page to see the command and come back to my program when coding.

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Nice Job!