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OSD600 - Lab 6 - Docusaurus

Learning Docusaurus

Docusaurus is basically a React-based static site generator, which is built and maintained by Facebook. If we are maintaining an open source project website, Docusaurus is definitely a good friend for us since it is easily built, deployed.

Set up a Docusaurus project

Docusaurus set upThis is the command I use to set up my first Docusaurus project. It is pretty simple, and I choose the classic option for the [template]. The deployment of Docusaurus to Github page is very straightforward.
deployThis is the moment I encounter some errors. I do not realize that the original command does not work for me for some reason. After doing a lot of googling, I come up with the solution is that I have to remove the quotation mark " " of "GIT_USER=<GITHUB_USERNAME>" , so I use the command cmd /C "set GIT_USER=<GITHUB_USERNAME>&& yarn deploy and it works properly. After all, I have my first Docusaurus website successfully deployed.

Copying a Feature from Docusaurus

As I catch up the concept of Docusaurus as well as knowing what it is, I choose a feature from it and add it into my SSG. I file an issue inside my repo, which is adding full markdown support for my SSG. The reason why I choose this is because I partially implement the heading to <h1> tag, so I want to finish the rest in order to have full options for markdown. I create another branch for my modification, which is issue-13, then modifying and push it to that branch. After all, I create a pull request for my program and then merge in to my main branch.

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