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Troy Dack
Troy Dack

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#dohackathon: Sharli's Stuff

What I built

A small site to showcase my partners artistic talents.

Category Submission:

Personal Site/Portfolio

App Link

Sharli's Stuff


Mobile view Desktop & responsive mobile view


An Express/Handlebars NodeJS app using DO App Platform and Spaces to showcase personal artwork with the focus on the art. Responsive layout across mobile and desktop devices.

Link to Source Code


Permissive License



My partner has re-invigorated her interest in artistic pursuits in the last 2 years and has produced some awesome art work. This app was built to show case her talent and as a way for me to learn a bit more about web app development and frameworks.

How I built it

Built using an excellent HTML5 UP as the starting point. Using Express as the backend and Handlebars as the templating engine. Images & descriptions are stored using Digital Oceans Spaces. Access to edit/upload images is handled using Passport and authenticated against Google OAuth.

Additional Resources/Info

App still needs some polishing. Uploading of images to DO Spaces could be handled better, editing of descriptions needs some work as well. However, it is functional.

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Brian Bethencourt

Hey Troy! The link to your GH Repo is currently 404ing for me. I wouldn't want your submission to be marked invalid bc we can't access your repo -- it would be great if you could update it before the deadline! Your partner's art looks amazing btw, they should make an Etsy or start doing commissions if that interests them.