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Down With the Sickness

I am a little late this week with my blog. I usually write these things on Thursday, or Friday night. This week however I was hit hard by a sickness, late Thursday night. It is now Sunday night and I am finally feeling somewhat normal. Still a bit sore but the light sensitivity, fever, and headaches are all gone so I figured now would probably be a good time to get caught up on my work.

Release 2.9

In last weeks blog I talked about what my plan was for release 2.9. My main areas of concern was finishing the migration to make use of the images stored in our Docker registry. The other area I was planning on taking on was to slim down those images in the registry by using Docker-Slim.

I was able to submit a PR for migrating to use the docker based images. The only problem with the PR is that it is not testable, but with a couple reviews we took an educated guess at what needs to happen.

We to another educated guess with my second PR of the week. This one had me updating the autodeployment webhook to use our custom deploy tag that dynamically gets set depending on if it's staging or production. Again, this one is not testable in the local environment, so around 4-6 of us got together one night and tested it out on staging. After testing it out and smashing out some bugs, I made one final PR for the week that was just bringing the changes we made while testing live on staging, into the main branch.

Release 3.0-alpha

As you may have noticed, I did not get around to slimming the images like I had planned. This was because updating the autodeployment webhook was deemed to be a higher priority than slimming the images so I devoted my time to make sure that I could get that landed in time for 2.9.

Other than slimming the images, I believe there are still a few last steps needed before I can say that the registry is fully operational, but I am well on my way to being able to say I owned this registry.

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