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5 Alien Articles of the Week Worth Reading πŸ‘½πŸ“–

vaibhav profile image Vaibhav ・2 min read

Hello to all! I hope you enjoyed my last article. Here are this week's top alien articles. These are the articles posted outside Dev.to, hence the moniker "alien". πŸ‘½
I hope you guys enjoy them!

1. 10 Common Design Mistakes… and How to Avoid Them

Many of us have made or are still making a lot of mistakes while designing. And there can be many reasons for this, like lack of planning, selecting bad typography, inadequate padding and spacing, messy iconography and more, that can have a very bad impact on our platform. This article by Maria Pisarenko explains some of those mistakes and how they can be avoided.

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2. What Nature Can Teach Us About Notifications

Notifications play a very vital role in our life. Whether it is game notifications, message notifications or email notifications, it always helps us to keep an eye on the latest updates. But have you ever noticed how different type of notifications affects our mind? This article by Emmi Laakso explains some interesting stuff related to notifications.

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3. What to Expect When Building A Minimum Viable Product (MVP)

What is MVP, why is it needed, what should be your expectations while building an MVP and what should you do after building an MVP? This article by Melissa Southern answers all these questions that will help you understand why we need this approach.

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4. Preload, prefetch and other tags

Did you know about preload, prefetch, preconnect, dns-prefetch and prerender link relation type? Ivan Akulov explains all these in detail with their syntax and when to use them which will help you increase the app's performance.

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5. Executing arrays of async/await JavaScript functions in series vs. concurrently

It becomes tricky while trying to execute async/await functions in series or parallel. This article will explain and help you understand how you can implement both these cases.

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Let me know what you think!

Tell me in the comments which article you found most useful! Also tell me about your favorite dev blogs and share what you've been reading recently. Have an awesome day! ❀


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revskill10 profile image
Truong Hoang Dung

What does "alien" mean ?
That means there're some "priority" authors who are not "alien" ?
Please drop that terminology. As i know, dev.to is a friendly place for EVERYBODY to learn and write. Treat everybody the same is a better way here.

utkarsh profile image
Utkarsh Talwar

Nice virtue signalling there, but they're called "alien" because they are posted outside of dev.to. It has nothing to do with authors, and it's explained in the opening lines of the post. :)

vaibhav profile image
Vaibhav Author

I didn't mean that and its meaning is clearly mentioned in the starting of this post.

ssimontis profile image
Scott Simontis

If you are getting into perf testing with your site, the preload/prefetch/preconnect can make a bigger difference than you would think. I discovered that the #1 issue with site performance was still third-party Javascript...outdated and inconsiderate analytics/marketing scripts to be specific. Many of them refused to implement caching or use CDNs. I asked the marketing team to figure out which tags they were willing to drop and in the mean time, uncooperative tags were set to deferred execution so they would load last. Planning to do a whole article on my first-time adventures doing a performance audit on a production site sometime this week.

vaibhav profile image
Vaibhav Author

woohoo, that was nice . Will be waiting for your new article.