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5 Alien Articles of the Week Worth Reading 👽📖

Hi folks! I took a break from writing this series for a few weeks but now I'm back with another installation of Alien Articles. These are the articles posted outside, hence the moniker "alien". 👽
Hope you like them!

1. 7 Steps to Planning a Fantastic User Experience

A good user experience is needed if you want your users to enjoy using the app. And this article by Sunil Joshi explains the planing phase of UX design which covers some of the important steps during this phase like developing user stories, defining user flows, brainstorming and sketching and so on.

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2. How to Design an Effective Landing Page

A landing page is one of the most important webpages for your business. A good landing page can convert visitors into customers. This article by Natalya Ageychenko can help you create an effective and high-quality landing page explaining the principles of landing pages, common mistakes that can impact conversion, and steps for creating effective landing pages.

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3. 19 cool CSS animation examples to recreate

This article by Steven Roberts has a collection of CSS animation examples from websites around the world and it also explains how these can be achieved, what types of animation there are, how to implement them and use correctly with the help of some useful tips.

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4. Introduction to Nest.js for Angular Developers

Nestjs is a framework for building nodejs application and in his article, Ahmed Bouchefra introduces nestjs for angular developers. He also explains how to make modules and controllers with Nest CLI and demonstrates it with the help of an example project.

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5. Why every dev team should adopt a DevOps culture in 2019

In this article Matt Shealy explains how adapting to a DevOps culture can increase your development and testing speed with fewer errors, how it completely breaks down the walls between departments and work units by providing stronger communication, and how it can be advantageous for your organization.

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Let me know what you think!

Tell me in the comments which article you found most useful! Also tell me about your favorite dev blogs and share what you've been reading recently. Have an awesome day! ❤

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