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5 Alien Articles of the Week Worth Reading 👽📖

Hey guys! I hope you liked my previous article. I'm here to bring you another scoop of awesome alien articles from this past week. These are the articles posted outside, hence the moniker "alien". 👽

1. Why you should choose mindfulness over multitasking

Switching between different tasks can be a real pain. You, too, must have observed that sometimes your mind comes to a state where it cannot process any new information, and it suddenly stops working because of this thing called "decisions fatigue". This article by Sarah Wall explains why you should choose mindfulness over multitasking, and how taking small breaks can be good for your mental health and an increase in your productivity.

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2. How to cope with burnout

Are you feeling burnt out at work because of increase in stress or overworking yourself? Are you not able to handle it which, in turn, is affecting your personal and professional life? Then you definitely need to check this article by Jessica Rose which explains how to prevent and recover from burnout.

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3. Animation Performance 101: Browser Under the Hood

Who does not want those smooth and silky web animations? But achieving this depends upon a number of variables. Chloe Hwang explains how the browser renders elements, what you should and should not animate, why you should use CSS over javascript for animations, and how the browser automatically hardware-accelerates any element with a CSS transition or keyframe animation on transform or opacity.

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4. 5 quick-fire portfolio tips from design experts

A design portfolio represents your talent, skills, and experience. Having a good portfolio can push you toward success, attract more audience, and get the work you want, while a bad one can have the completely opposite effect. So it's worth putting some effort into getting your portfolio in the best shape, and this article by Lisa Hassell shares some important tips that you should follow.

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5. Inspirational Websites Roundup

This article by Mary Lou shares a list of unique web designs that you might like.

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Let me know what you think!

Tell me in the comments which article you found most useful! Also tell me about your favorite dev blogs and share what you've been reading recently. Have an awesome day! ❤

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