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5 Alien Articles of the Week Worth Reading πŸ‘½πŸ“–

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Hello to all! I hope you enjoyed my last article. Here are this week's top alien articles. These are the articles posted outside Dev.to, hence the moniker "alien". πŸ‘½
I hope you guys enjoy them!

1. How to manipulate CSS colors with JavaScript

Javascript is everywhere because it can do so many cool things. Whether you are working on it or not, you are bound to be surrounded by this language. But have you ever used it to manipulate colors?. If not, then check out this article by Adam Giese where he shares some methods to manipulate colors with javascript.

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2. 15 Top Prototyping Tools Go Head-to-Head

There are so many prototyping tools available in the market right now for wireframing and design handoff, which makes it hard to figure out which tools meet what demands. This article by Dave Kearney and Daniel Schwarz explain some of these tools with their video overviews, which will make it quite easy for you to pick the best tools for your needs.

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3. Understanding Memoization In JavaScript

As our application grows, it becomes necessary for us to optimize it so it runs fast and stays light on resources. And this can be done with a number of techniques. This article by Philip Obosi explains one of these techniques, known as Memoization, that will speed up applications. It does so by storing the results of those function that take more time and memory, returning the stored results when the same inputs are applied to them.

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4. Create an Automated Scoreboard that Senses Your Score with a Raspberry Pi

Have you ever thought of creating your own automated scoreboard with Raspberry Pi? Well, if you have then you should definitely check out this article by Patrick Catanzariti where he will guide you through the whole process. Raspberry Pi in general is a very useful device to have, and since it's so cheap, I recommend every engineer own one. You can even create your own Linux dev server for less than 50$/life with a Pi.

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5. 10 Must-have VS Code Extensions for JavaScript Developers

VS Code is easily one of the best - if not the best - IDEs since it provides so many cool and super useful extensions for javascript developers. Michael Wanyoike shares some must-have extensions for Snippet, Syntax Highlighting, Linter, and Browser in VS code that will help you to write and debug js code efficiently.

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Let me know what you think!

Tell me in the comments which article you found most useful! Also tell me about your favorite dev blogs and share what you've been reading recently. Have an awesome day! ❀


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