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What's the most fun trip you ever went on? 😎

nilohit_kanwar profile image Nilohit Singh Kanwar ・1 min read

I was scrolling around my phone's gallery today, when I came across this happy picture from last year:

Alt Text

I'd gone for paragliding in the beautiful hilly village of Bir, in Northern India. Here's what the view looked like:

Bir Biling

Now that we're all staying at home and travelling isn't an option anymore, let's share pictures of fun trips we went on! βœˆπŸš²πŸš—πŸš‰

Let the virtual travel begin.

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Can't decide, so gonna list my three favorites!

  • Solo trip to Svalbard/Spitsbergen in the summer of 2017. Was there for a bit over a week, did several hiking trips, and a few boat trips. Spotted several polar bears in the wild, saw baby birds learning to fly and jumping off a mountain, and just generally beautiful and surreal views everywhere. So much of it is untouched nature - no paths, no cabins, no houses, no cars, no planes, no people. Everything was just quiet except for the sound of birds, foxes, and other wild animals.

  • My trip to Kerala (India) in the winter of 2018. My friend invited us to her wedding there. My fiancΓ©e and I went two weeks early and spent the first part of our trip traveling around and doing a 4-day hiking trip 🀩 We're quite used to hiking long distances in Norway, but completely underestimated how challenging it would be in 30-40 degrees celsius. Very much worth it though.

canoe between trees, sunset in the background

  • This year's hiking trip in Lofoten, northern Norway. Must be one of the most beautiful places I've ever seen. Because of corona we couldn't travel outside of our country, so we rented a car and did a roadtrip from Oslo to Lofoten (24h drive if you'd drive non-stop, we used 5 days driving up along the coastline, with lots of stops to camp and hike along the way), then stayed there for around 10 days - driving and hiking around. There weren't that many people since we went before most Norwegians take their holidays, so most hikes (aside from 2 popular ones) we didn't see any other people. Great way to practice social distancing imo.

mountains surrounded by rivers and ocean with the midnight sun on the horizon

Person with hiking sticks overlooking a landscape on top of a mountain


I am so mind-blown right now. The second last photo is my favorite. Absolutely stunning! Looks to me like you have the soul of an adventurer. Cheers to that. 🍻

Glad you liked Kerala, btw! It is indeed beautiful. :D


Wow, you have lived quite the life!


Oh man, there are some tough contenders... I'd say our Kheerganga trek was one of the more memorable trips I've been on.


That picture is simply awesome! :)


Thanks Robin! That's Sarthak (left) and me (right) circa mid 2017 btw haha.


That does look lovely . I'm from South Africa and would love to visit. Please provide me with more details


Hey Rishad, thanks! Yes, it's a beautiful trek but I think it might be shortened soon because they're building a dam in the valley. You might wanna visit sooner rather than later. ;)
Here you go!


Every trip is fun.
Every trip in it's own beautiful way - so to me, that's an impossible question to answer.

But I will happily share some photos from different trips over the last few years:


albino female peacock

Eilat musical fountain
North (Achziv) beach