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Fix the Norton automatic renewal on your account

You probably have a Norton Account if you use Norton Software. This account is typically created when you first install Norton Software. It is useful because it helps you keep track of your product keys, which many people lose, and other important information about your subscription.

Norton recently added an "automatic renew" feature to these accounts. This allows Norton to charge your credit approximately one month before your subscription expires. This feature is automatically enabled by default.

Norton will disable this feature for you if asked. BUT YOU MUST ASK! You cannot change the automatic renewal setting yourself.

Norton's online chat support is the best way to reach them.

If you are concerned that the auto-renew function has charged your credit card, you can ask for a refund via chat support.

Norton appears to have changed the way they handle auto-renew. It used to be possible to disable auto-renew from your Norton account. You can now stop Symantec or Norton from renewing your subscription automatically by filling out an online form. Chat with one of our support representatives online to disable the feature.

Know how to cancel norton account by yourself

Symantec makes it simple to enable or disable the Auto-Renewal function. These are the detailed instructions.
• Log in to your Norton Account. You can find the URL by going to Google and typing "My Norton account" into Google.
• Click on the link "Automatic Renewal"
• The box defaults to being checked. To uncheck the box, click on it again. Auto-renewal will be enabled if the box has been checked. Auto-renewal will be disabled if it isn't checked. When you're done, click the Update button.
• Make sure you click the "Turn off" link in the yellow window next to it.

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