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Helpful guidelines to fix the Norton error

Norton offers an easy-to-use method to enable users to install Norton Security on their devices. Sometimes, however, users may receive unnecessary error messages due to mistakes or a lack of preparations while updating or installing Norton Security. These errors can be easily fixed with simple-to-follow steps.

If you aren't sure what to do in these situations, it's best to not try to solve the problem on your own. It is better to seek technical assistance from Norton Customer Support representatives in order to resolve the problem. If the problem is minor, such as Norton Error 8544, you can follow the steps below.

This article is for users who are facing Norton error 8504 5. It will provide a step-by-step guide to assist them in resolving the problem. We'll walk you through the causes of this error and the possible solutions to fix it.

In the following situations, Norton Error 8504 will be displayed on your screen:

Norton security installation might be obstructed if you have an antivirus installed on your device.

If your installation is halted in the middle of the work, it's not your fault.

Norton Security requires you to immediately update to the most recent version

Norton error 5804 will be displayed in any of these scenarios

What are the types of Norton Error 854 available?

You will see the Norton error message 8504 on your screen in one of these ways:

  1. Norton error 8504 0
  2. Norton error 8504 5
  3. Norton error 8504 and/or 104
  4. Norton error 8504 or 100
  5. Norton Error 8504 102
  6. Norton Error 8504 106
  7. Norton Error Code 8504 101

Let's now get into the details about how to fix the error 5804/104

Solution 1: Disable any antivirus programs that were previously installed

Use Windows+R to type appwiz. Cpl then hit "Enter".

You will see all the software that has been installed on your device. Click on the "Uninstall/Remove” button for the antivirus program.

Follow the instructions on the screen

After the installation is complete, reboot your system

Solution 2: Download the Norton Remove and Reinstall Tool and run it

Download the Norton Remove and Install Tool from the Norton Official Website

Double-click on the executable file in order to install the program and run it.

To accept the end-user license agreement, click on "I Agree" and then click on "Advanced".

Click on "Remove", then click "Restart your Computer"

Solution 3: Update your Graphics Card

Go to My Computer > Manage > Display Adaptor or press Windows+R to type devmgmt.MSC, and then hit the "Enter" key.

Click twice on the "Display Adaptor", then move your cursor over to the "HD Graphic Card", and click on it to select "Update Driver Software".

After the update is completed, reboot the system

Solution 4: Use Norton AutoFix Tool

Run the Norton AutoFix utility. It will automatically detect the problem and resolve it within minutes.

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