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Laravel 8 Rest API CRUD Example with JWT Auth

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Throughout this tutorial, we’ll be learning how to authenticate REST APIs using JWT in the latest Laravel 8 version. You will learn how to create a REST API using Laravel 8 with JWT authentication.

We’ll see how to set up JWT authentication in Laravel 8 and implement a secured REST API using the tymon/jwt-auth package.

In this tutorial, we’ll see step by step to implement a REST API with PHP and Laravel 8 with authentication via JWT tokens.

This is a comprehensive Laravel 8 JWT Authentication example tutorial. In this article, we will learn how to create secure REST APIs in Laravel using JSON Web Token (JWT). To protect user authentication API in Laravel 8|7 we will use tymondesigns/jwt-auth a third-party jwt-auth library.

Creating robust APIs in Laravel is secure, easy, and exciting. Laravel makes the development process relatively easy. It takes out almost entire pain for developing comprehensive functionalities commonly used for web development, like authentication, routing, sessions, and caching

Laravel 8.x Rest API CRUD Example with JWT Auth

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