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Web Development in 2020: What Coding Tools You Should Learn

Web Development Tools
2019 was a great year for web development many new updates were brought to the web-development tools and many new tools were also introduced, now 2020 is around the corner and the web-development will move further and developers across the globe continue to give their contribution to the web.

When we say web-development we are talking about using coding and programming which include programming languages, markup languages, SQL, cloud computing, etc. the overall concept of web-development revolve around the coding, logics and programming.

One of the major points of web-development is, there are many different tools present out there which can be used for the development of the web, the numbers of tools are so many that can easily trick or confuse a beginner, which tool to choose if he or she wants to be a web developer. Before dive into the web-development in 2020 topic, there are some points needed to be clear if you are a complete beginner, we divide the web-development into 3 categories Front-end Development, Back-End Development, and DevOps development, you might have heard of Front-End and Back-End but the Dev-Ops could be a new terminology for you, let me clear this Dev-Ops is an extension of Back-End development, a DevOps developer generally oversee the released code, so to be a dev-ops developer, you must have knowledge of both Front as well as back end tools. Here in this article, we have provided the information about which toolsets you require if you want to start your web development Journey in 2020.

Web-Development 2020

Tool Set 1 (Basic Tools):

Computer and Operating System Windows, MacOs, Linux
IDE or Text Editor Sublime, Node pad, pycharm, eclipses, visual Studio, etc
Web Browser Chrome, Firefox
OS Terminal Command Prompt, Bash, Git Bash, Powershell

The first-ever thing you require for web-development is a system with the robust operating system, you could either use a desktop or a laptop for this, remember mobile devices are not suitable for web development or any type of code, make sure you are using a computer with an operating system when code for your projects.

You can either use a Text editor or IDEs to write code, text editors are light in weight and does not require high-end computer systems to run on the other hand IDEs provide more features than a text editor but take a lot of time if the computer has low processing units. If you are a complete beginner, we suggest you use a text editor because some of the IDE’s are very complex to use.

The system must have a web browser which can be used to execute the front end code or to display output at localhost.

Tool Set 2 Front End Tools:

HTML HTML Fundamentals
CSS CSS Frameworks: 1. Bootstrap 2. Tailwind CSS 3. Materialise 4. Bulma
JavaScript JavaScript Fundamentals


1. JASON 2. Fetch API 3. Morden JS(ES6) 4. JavaScript Frameworks and libraries: Angular.js, React

It does not matter whether you are a front-end developer or a Back-End developer you must know basics front end tools. Font end is the basic need of web development because at last, the user will interact with the object created using the front end tools.

HTML, CSS and JavaScript are the three pillars of the front end if you want to be a Web developer apart from the concept of Front-End developer or Backend developer you have to learn all these three tools. If you want a career in back-end development you do not need to be a guru in these three tools basic knowledge is enough to move toward backend development.

HTML provides a structure to the web page, CSS fill color in that webpage and JavaScript provide action to that webpage we cannot imagine a web page or website without these three tools. There are millions of web pages on the server and they may be using different tools for the backend but all of those using these three tools for the front end.

CSS and JavaScript have some frameworks which are so popular these days, rather than writing code in CSS or JavaScript developers using these frameworks to build their project.

Frameworks are the pre-written code that calls our code and provide extra functionalities to it. You might have heard about CSS framework such as Bootstrap, tailwind CSS, etc. all these frameworks are present out there to provide extra functionality to the developer code so the developer does not need to write code from the scratch every time.

More than core JavaScript developers these days using its frameworks such as React, Vue and Angular, and we suggest you go through every Framework and choose the best one for yourself because all these three frameworks are used to serve the same purpose.

Toolset 3 The Backend Tools:

Server Side Scripting:

Node.js Express, Koa, Adonis, Feathers.Js
PHP PHP Frameworks: Laravel, Symfony, Slim
Python Frameworks Django, Flask
Java Spring MVC, Grails
Ruby Ruby on Rails, Sinatra
Go Revel

In backend we use the real programming languages along with scripting language, the code is written on the backend is hidden from the user. There are various programming languages and their frameworks we can use to build the back-end logic.

In the back-end, we build an application which can fetch data from the database a show it on the front end. We can say that the backend act as a medium between the database and the front end interface. The programs are written for the back-end also known as Server-Side scripting because the code resides at the server-side and its execution also occurred at the server.

Python and Java both are the high-level programming languages and fighting head to head to be at the top of the Programming Language Index. Both the programming languages have powerful web-frameworks which can be used to build dynamic web applications so if you want to be a back-end developer you need the knowledge of either one of these programming languages.

Apart from Python and Java we have PHP, Go, Ruby on Rails, Node.js for back-end development and learning these tools are much easier than learning Python and Java Frameworks.

Tool Set 4 Database:

Relational Database PostgreSQL, MySQL, SQLite, MS SQL
NoSQL MongoDB, RethinkDB
Cloud Database AWS, Azure cloud
Cache SQLite, NeDB

Database plays a vital role in back-end development because at last data is the power source of any dynamic web page. All the backend technologies support different kinds of Database systems most of them support Relational Databases such as MySQL, PostgreSQL, etc.

NoSQL is the new hype in the market, every year many organizations adopting NoSQL, more specifically MongoDB is the new face for the NoSQL technology.

Tool Set 5 Mobile Development:

Flutter By google
React Native React Framework
Native Script Build native mobile app with JS
Ionic Build hybrid mobile app use JavaScript
Xamarin Use C#

In the past few years, many big-tech had invested in the development of the mobile web-application because it has a vast market and more than desktop, people surf the internet on mobile devices. Here flutter is ruling the mobile web application development market, because it is a child of google and google itself use it for its new projects.

Tool Set 6 Hosting:


Once the project is done we need to host that project on the server so the world can interact with what you have created. When we host a website there is some basic knowledge we should have such as what is a URL, domain name, subdomain, IP, Routing, Basic Optimization, etc.


Hope you got the basic idea of how can you start your web-development journey in 2020, start from the basic front end and move toward your goal. You do not need to learn every tool just pick the best one for yourself and practice. While learning these tools make sure, you are making project along with learning, this helps you to nourish your skills. Do join the community over Stack Overflow and GitHub.

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