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Unity and bad (outdated) advice.

Just started taking programming serious. Thought I would make a game since it's something fun that I will enjoy and can see the outcome of my efforts. It's been a rough 3 months but I have a game. It's on the Android store and my friends and I enjoy playing it and comparing high scroes. Being new to programming and game development I spend a lot of time googling thing. From how to do something to how to fix something I broke. The problem I have is how many places you have to check to get the answer you want. And trying to figure out what is right and what is wrong. Take Unity monetization for example. Most content you find is for Advertisement. Which is a old way and not recommended anymore. I also noticed a lack of info on things like Google Play Games Services. Which is what I am stuck on now. One of the last things I want bubble danger to have is a leaderboard. What do you all do to figure out good from bad information and even a lack of information.

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