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Is blogging dead?

Slightly ironic title given I am using a blogging platform but it's something I've heard people ask and I thought it would make a worth discussion amongst some of my friends, peers and colleagues.

And that's what we did a few weeks ago, we all got together (virtually) and discussed why we blog, the platforms we use and how to keep it fresh.

It was an interesting discussion, I think all of us were of the opinion that blogging has helped us either become better at our jobs or it had helped build up our personal brand in order to progress in our careers.

My own blog story started over a discussion with some work colleagues many moons ago, and over time I've had spurts of activity where I had a post or several every week to times when I've not blogged for months.

The thing is it helps, it helps me learn how to share my knowledge. And it also acts as a great repository of knowledge for me as well. I can look back and see how I did something a while back if my memory fails me.

And recently a script I wrote back in 2017 helped someone and they sent me a message on Twitter to say thank you. So sharing is important.

If your unsure about starting your blogging journey or if you are thinking about stopping blogging, please tune into the discussion I had with my friends, I think it will really help and inspire you. 😊

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