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6 Steps for Senior Software Engineers

Experience in Programming

Generally, software engineers must be good at writing clean codes. I don’t mean the six months of bootcamp or self-taught coders just trying to make a project run, no!! I mean readable code. It’s fine to think of people who will maintain the code. Therefore, to cut a niche as a senior software engineer you must have vast experience in reviewing and reading other peoples codes. It means you can write the code in a precise way, so you decide to read and correct other people’s programs.

Analyze what the client needs

Yes, this is someone who can be between the client and the technical team. They are able to analyze what the business needs and transform that into real software. Senior engineer, you must be able to identify the possibility and solution to the problem of the client, then put it down for junior developers to transform into code.

Documenting the software

Since you know what the client demands, then you have the knowledge on how you should document the application. You must be aware of each and every step that your team will use to arrive at the perfect solution. People degrade documentation, but it’s one of the hardest work while developing software.

Troubleshooting and debugging

Any problem that becomes ambiguous to your junior team, you are the one responsible for solving it. Managers and everyone else will require the software from you at the end of the day. You must be smart, engage your mind, and troubleshoot the program to make it run.

Strong knowledge of Data structure

When it comes to analyzing how to query a database, you must be good. Of course, the senior frontend must be well-trained in both front end and backend. Data structure and algorithms are some of the hardest and feared topics in programming. A good senior engineer must use the knowledge to make sure data is quarried in an acceptable manner.

Smart thinker

It’s fine not to be able to solve all the problems. But the industry demands that you look at problems from different angles. Br able to provide strong ideas that will benefit your team.

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