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Joseph Mania
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Mistakes To Avoid as a Beginner Programmer...part 1

There are always many thoughts as you start programming. Which programming language should I learn? What is the best marketable language? Which field is the best?. Don’t worry, these questions are experienced by everyone. They result in a mixed reaction in your mind. But here are some of the answers to those questions.

Stop jumping from language to language

Here is the thing. While I was in my first year taking computer science, I dint know what I wanted. I was shifting from AI to machine learning and mobile development to web development. I was like doing 4 languages at the same time. Furthermore, I realized at the end of the year, I was not able to build anything and put it into production.

Doing all this won’t help you. Of course, you have to do some research, try out things and find your path. But the earlier you realize you want to be a mobile developer, so you concentrate on java, or JavaScript(react native). This will help you focus on one main thing and before the end of the year, you will have made a huge step.


The first programmers did not use any framework. I have developed a good static website without any front-end framework. Please, my newbie developers, grasp the basic concept first. If you are into web development, have a strong understanding of HTML, CSS, JS. They are the best foundation for building anything. They will remain the same and be used for a longer period.

Frameworks come and compete with each other, then another one evolves and the rest die. So when you have the basics, it is easier to learn any upcoming framework to cut yourself into a niche in the market.

I am a full-stack developer

Take care son/daughter. The title is kinda overrated. Yes, it’s the best title, and we have gurus who can develop both frontend and backend. But since you just started recently, there is a long way to go. For an average person to grasp a programming language, you need 1000 hours. Start from somewhere heading towards your success. Decide whether to be a front end or a backend engineer first. Then after working on some projects, you can try to learn the other and become a full-stack developer. But it’s a journey that requires maximum time.

I want to study the marketable language

Okay, I don’t oppose this, python is popular now, you can learn it. But be warned because being a software developer is like chasing the wind. Python is at the top, tomorrow Go will take over.

The best thing is to have a clear understanding of algorithms because they never change. Learn syntax like for loop…if statements and other minor important stuff will make you a good programmer. I remember I started coding with a C, which in the end I got a grade D 🤣🤣. It looked hard and worse, I even hated my lecturer. But I came to realize how important it was. After that, I was able to learn java within a few months. Now python has become the easiest. Just as simple as that, learn the general programming rules.

No one knows of tomorrow, cobol and pascal were used in 1980s but have disappeared. Focus on being the best programmer who can join a company and learn a language quickly to develop a project. Be smart and ready. Tech changes now and then. Don’t learn because of popularity, but because you want to do build something with the skills acquired. Everything you learn, there is a high chance that a certain company needs that skill.
To be continued…..Part 2

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