How to set up Nginx as a reverse proxy for apache: Hands-on!

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In this tutorial, you will get an idea of how to configure Nginx as a Reverse Proxy for Apache with Let's Encrypt SSL on ubuntu 18.04. Before you start you should watch these two videos below

  1. What is the difference between Apache and Nginx web server(https://youtu.be/uPr8kzGa1bs)
  2. What is a Reverse Proxy and Proxy Servers(https://youtu.be/UsAlGEd62VU)


00:00 Welcome
01:42 Installing Apache2 and set up to serve in port 8080
08:22 Installing Nginx and setup Reverse Proxy
12:13 Disabling port 8080 to public access
12:48 Installation of SSL(Let's Encrypt)


  1. You should have SSH enabled in your server.
  2. You should have an Ubuntu 16.04 or 18.04 on your server.
  3. Your domain should have pointed to your server IP.

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