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Free AWS-Kubernetes-Terraform Complete Course

✅FREE AWS Kubernetes Terraform Course ✅
▶️Subscribe To Channel with below link and get AWS-Kubernetes-Terraform Complete Course for FREE.

📚 Course Content
📌 What is Terraform?
📌How To Connect AWS Cloud with Terraform?
📌How To Install EC2 instance on AWS with Terraform?
📌How To Install Kubernetes(EKS) with Terraform?
📌How to deploy Application on Kubernetes EKS cluster?
📌How to install metrics server on K8s?
📌How to install Cluster Autoscaler (CA) on Kubernetes EKS?
📌How to install HPA(Horizontal Pod Autoscaler) on K8s?
📌How to Autoscale the application pods and nodes based on system resources like cpu usage and max user requests?

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