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Go programming project tutorial series: Build a Slack Bot with Go


I wanted to share a YouTube series I developed on Go. The intended audience is primarily people in DevOps roles, but I think it will also be beneficial for those who are just starting to learn Go and are looking for a practical project to help them get started. Below is a detailed outline of the series so you know exactly what you will learn:

++++YouTube Playlist Link++++

Series Outline:

Video 1: Creating a Slack App - This video doesn't include any coding but covers the pre-requisite steps you must complete in order for the Go program that you write in later videos to work properly

Video 2: How to Publish a Message - Now you get to write some code, and I introduce you to the library. Using the slack-go library, I show you how to send messages to a channel in your Slack workspace

Video 3: Command-line arguments and Block Kit - I walk you through modifying the Go program to accept command-line arguments and I introduce you to Slack's Block Kit.

Video 4 : Run our Slack Bot as a Jenkins Post-Build Action - This video focuses more on integrating the program with Jenkins so most of it is optional if you're more interested in learning Go. I walk you through the development of a Jenkins pipeline that runs the Go program as a post-build action (and sends a notification to your designated Slack channel on whether the Jenkins pipeline build passed or failed).

Video 5: Convert Bot to Microservice and add API Endpoint - I walk you through re-architecting the Go program as a microservice with a single API endpoint, rather than having Jenkins run the program on the Jenkins node.

Video 6: Add JSON processing to our API endpoint - I introduce you to JSON processing in Go using "encoding/json" so that the API endpoint in the microservice accepts JSON arguments.

I hope that you find the series valuable and moreover that you enjoy it!

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